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A junction of time is a change from one time era to the next time era.No one likes change especially if people had become used to the status quo.On the Spiritual side,the Devil will always fight a major time shift in God's order with everything that he has.On the natural side people within a nation or a company will resist any change that they are not comfortable with.When Israel was in bondage in Egypt,God sent them Moses to deliver them.They crossed the Red Sea and began to wish if they were still in Egypt again becuse of hardships in the wilderness.At times deliverance can bring hardships.There is always a juntion of time in your life,in your country,in your community,in the world.Can you identity it? God uses these junctions to get the people to come back to Him and His Word or to cause the hardships consume everyone who does not love or respect Him.You will always find Pharisees in the second reason for hardships who will tell you everything about the bible but are about to be judged by God.Hardships are caused by the time junctions of God.No evil can come to mankind unless God allows it first.(You can support this work through the details on the left top part of this site) GOD BLESS YOU!

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